Less than 1-syn chocolates!

Ok, so they’re only marginally less than 1 syn, but they taste so much naughtier than 1 syn, and give you a real chocolate fix! They’re also super easy to make – I can’t cook at all and look at mine! You can make loads of different versions – my favourites are the coffee versions I’ve detailed below, but you can change the yoghurt for … Continue reading Less than 1-syn chocolates!

Remember how far you’ve REALLY come

If someone had told me last summer that I’d be able to post the above comparison photos I wouldn’t have just laughed, I’d have done what I always do and made a joke of it, in a bid to convince whoever was in ear shot that I was happy. Inside though, I’d have been hating myself for ‘knowing’ I’d always be a ‘big girl’. I’m 50lbs … Continue reading Remember how far you’ve REALLY come