Less than 1-syn chocolates!

Ok, so they’re only marginally less than 1 syn, but they taste so much naughtier than 1 syn, and give you a real chocolate fix! They’re also super easy to make – I can’t cook at all and look at mine!

You can make loads of different versions – my favourites are the coffee versions I’ve detailed below, but you can change the yoghurt for different flavours.


1 muller light – I use skinny cappuccino

1 options hot chicolate sachet

45g cadburys dairy milk (9 squares of a big bar)


1) Melt the chocolate over hot water on the hob

2) Take the chocolate off the heat. Stir the yoghurt into the melted chocolate.

3) Add the hot chocolate powder and stir in until you can no longer see any of the bits.

4) Spoon the mixture into moulds and freeze for 2 hours. (I got my moulds from ikea for 90p each, but there are loads of different sizes and shapes available on eBay or amazon, or an ice cube tray works just as well.

The mixture makes about 20 chocolates, depending on the size of your mould. Mine is about 1cm square. Based on 20 chocolates, they’re a little over half a syn each, but I count them as 1 syn just to be safe.


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