Asda Slimzone Chicken Tikka Masala review.

After seeing all the hype (and syn-related arguments) about the new Asda Slimzone range, I finally got to give it a go.
(On the subject of syns, at the moment Slimming World have said, based on the syn-calculator, that this is most-likely a free dish)

Now, I’m a fussy bugger; I don’t like pasta, noodles or anything of the like, which rules out pretty much all of Iceland’s Slimming World range. But, I do bloody love curry..maybe it’s the Brummie in me!
When I found the SW Chicken Tikka Masala it instantly became my favourite go to quick dinner with some speedy veg and a couple of 2-syn poppadoms. It felt so naughty, like a proper takeaway curry!
However, getting to Iceland is a bit of a mission as I work in London and am rarely home before 7pm, so they’re not the easiest to get hold of. So when I saw that Asda had released something similar and, better yet, it was getting rave reviews, it seemed like a great alternative.
On first appearances it looks very similar to the Slimming World equivalent – a large portion that you can add your own rice to if you wish. Straight away I thought it looked like there was much less chicken in the dish, but after a good stir I realised it was just hiding at the bottom. Phew.
It was only while it was cooking that I realised it wasn’t particularly fragrant. Normally my SW meals get a comment from my house mate along the lines of “that smells nice – what you cooking?”, but there was no smell whatsoever to the Asda meal. Even when I took it out of the microwave and gave it a stir it didn’t smell particularly spicy.
The sauce also seemed much thinner than the SW meal. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s by no means a watery sauce, but it’s a bit disappointing after getting used to a thicker version that’s perfect for poppadoms.
Despite the thinner sauce, it still looked appetising, so I added some speedy veg to my plate and settled down.

As expected, the flavour hit and spice that makes the SW variety feel like a proper curry just wasn’t there. It’s a bit bland – like one of those cheap curries in a tin. If a restaurant served a Chicken Tikka Masala with that level of spice, you’d complain, and, whilst I’m aware this is an Asda frozen ready meal, if it’s not a Chicken Tikka Masala, don’t label it as a Chicken Tikka Masala!
The one redeeming factor is the chicken; it’s cooked absolutely perfectly and is delicious.
So, in short, I probably won’t bother going out of my way to get this rather than the SW variety. It would be perfect if you don’t like hot curries, and I may get it occasionally at work when I need something warm as the only shop nearby is an Asda, but overall, for me, the Asda Slimzone Chicken Tikka Masala just doesn’t cut it.


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