The Big Purple One

So – this is the one I’ve been after for a while. Even though it’s more than half way, so isn’t a milestone in that aspect, it’s still the shiny I’ve been working towards the most, if that’s possible. I think, for me, 3 stone represents a considerable amount of weight-loss; a decent, chunky number that shows I’ve really achieved something. Of course, I’ve still got a fair way to go!

This week I had a 3lb weight loss. I’ve done plenty of body magic, and eaten within plan, but something in me still feels a little aggrieved. Every day last week I really felt that I could have done better – a ‘must try harder’ type attitude that never seemed to replicate itself in my food diaries when I looked back at the end of the day.

This was down to one thing – eating more syns than I felt I should have been. Always within my 15, but, just, too many; the syns I’ve eaten for the sake of it, either because I’ve got some spare at the end of the day, or just because I haven’t eaten many come dinner time. The syns I waste on things like chocolate, or Oreo ice creams (5.5 syns – heaven), or dessert items like rolo mousse (4 syns – not bad, but not worth it).
I appreciate I’m beating myself up over nothing. A 3lb weight loss when I’m so far into my journey is fantastic, and I know many people in my group who would kill for that on the scaled when they’re struggling with half a lb a week, but something in me is always striving to do better and when I look back at the things I’ve eaten for the sake of it, just because I can, I can’t help but feel guilty.
I think if I look deep inside myself, it’s more than that. Eating those syns at the end of the day represents my relationship with food BEFORE Slimming World, and I don’t ever want to go back to eating that way. Consuming chocolate or crisps for the sake of it is up there with boredom eating for me – a totally pointless exercise that I never seemed to be able to control pre SW.
So, seeing as I don’t have a shiny or certificate or weight loss goal etc to achieve by next weigh in, this week’s task is to curb that syn-consumption. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to stop eating synned items as part of my meal or if I’ve planned to eat it – just the syns that I munch for the sake of it. Ultimately, it’s eating that way that stops me feeling in control, and it’s that that could be my downfall when I eventually reach target. What better motivation to curb a bad habit?


One thought on “The Big Purple One

  1. So proud of you kid. You’re my miss slimming world. You’re well and truly smashing it. If only I had a piece of your determination . X


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