What a set of plums!

So, my first weigh in since starting this blog and it was,  surprisingly, a great one! -4lbs, meaning I got my 2 and a half stone award AND Slimmer of the Week.

I really wasn’t expecting such a big loss this week. I knew I needed a 1.5lb loss to get my 2 and a half stone award, but, whilst being focused on food optimising, I didn’t worry too much when I drunk the best part of half a bottle of rum on Saturday ahead of a meal at one of those all-you-can-eat-buffet type places.
On the subject of those kind of eateries, I am proof that you really can go, enjoy yourself, make smart choices and still come out the other side with a loss. I love carvery, so tucked into turkey with all the trimmings, including potatoes cooked in God-knows-what. I did pass on the Yorkshire puddings though! I then went back and had crispy aromatic duck with pancakes. 5 of them to be precise. Then I tucked into a dessert of Eton mess, 2 giant marshmallows dunked under the chocolate fountain and a mini Black Forest gateaux!
Maybe this is harsh, and I’m just lucky to have picked up SW so quickly, or to not see disaster strike after a meal out, but I see so many excuses for NOT losing weight on slimming world. You know the ones – “I can’t lose weight this week because it’s my uncle’s best friend’s dogs birthday”. I truly, truly believe that with good choices through the week and a little bit of research before eating out, that you can still achieve a brilliant weight loss week-on-week.
On the subject of brilliant weight losses, in all honesty that brilliant Slimmer of the Week basket shouldn’t have been mine. 2 ladies in my group had bigger weight losses than me – one 4.5lbs, the other 11lbs(!) – but didn’t stay to group. HOWEVER, that said, I’m chuffed to bits with this week’s basket; just look at it! I won’t have to buy any fruit this week, that’s for sure! Someone even put a papaya in which I’ve never had before – I tucked into half of that as soon as I got home and it was bloody lovely!
So, all in all a great weigh-in day! And, I’m now officially H A L F W A Y to target!
Total lost so far: 37.5lbs
Sarah x

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