Quick no cook Syn-Free Dessert!

ANYONE who knows me will tell you how much i LOVE my puddings, and they are definitely the food I experiment most with on Slimming World.

This is one of my favourites as it is the quickest to make and you can do so many different variations, but is definitely best for an SP day as it uses your Hex-B. If you’re not using your Hex-B, you’ll need to count 6 syns.

2 x Alpen Light bars (Hex-B or 6 syns)

Fage yoghurt (Free – or use Muller Light, etc)

Frozen berries (Speed Free)

  1. Take your Alpen Light bars out of the wrapper, place on a plate and microwave for 20-30 seconds. The bars will ‘melt’, making them malleable.
  2. Line a glass dish with your melted Alpen Light bars, making the shape of a bowl so you can spoon in plenty of filling!
  3. Add some frozen berries, top with yoghurt and add some more frozen berries!

Literally the easiest dessert ever, and so tasty! You can use different flavour Alpen Light bars too for different desserts – the banoffee ones work brilliantly with a toffee yoghurt and banana! You could also syn some low-syn naughtiness like Choc Shot!


Sarah x


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