Let’s hear it for the drinks!

So, here I am, just home from weigh in – 3lbs down and Slimmer of the Month with 12.5lbs during November – but here I am having the biggest internal argument of the week: the post weigh-in ‘but I’ve done so well, I deserve to feast’ argument. The one that has me eyeing up everything in the house. However – I am strong (read that … Continue reading Let’s hear it for the drinks!

The Big Purple One

So – this is the one I’ve been after for a while. Even though it’s more than half way, so isn’t a milestone in that aspect, it’s still the shiny I’ve been working towards the most, if that’s possible. I think, for me, 3 stone represents a considerable amount of weight-loss; a decent, chunky number that shows I’ve really achieved something. Of course, I’ve still … Continue reading The Big Purple One